Understand The Dream Is Over (psychotic_mess) wrote in auralobsession,
Understand The Dream Is Over

finally got the DF glass plugs in..i used the taping method for 2 days and then just ended up using a 2g taper and put in the 4g DF plugs. the flares are impossibly huge.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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those are 4g?
cause if they are, they look alot bigger than mine that are also 4g.
they have a 2g flare
so how would you go about getting those suckers out?

i have a 0g pair that has a flare like that and im wondering...if i spend all this time getting them in there...how am i supposed to get them out once they've gone back to the 0g
lube them up and they should come right out. also, try a hot shower. after a couple of weeks your ears get used to it and they just pop out