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Hey, I just joined in hopes of some tips on how to go about this. I'm to a 0g now (lobes) and the tapers I bought this time around are very heavy. Not liking being smacked in the face by a titanium spiral every time I shake my head, I went and got some 0g flared plugs tonight. Can't get them in. I have no issue going up in size with tapers (duh), but these are the same size as the heavy tapers. Does it just take a bit of practice? I'm not sure if maybe trying to push them through wasn't the way to go about it or what. So should I ease them in at a certain angle? Possibly stupid questions, but I'm a bit stumped. Any advice? Thanks so much!
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so are the plugs 2g with a 0g flare?
or 0g and therefore close to 00g flare?
if so that would be why they're hard to put in - the falre is bigger than what you've stretched to. Once your ears have relaxed into the new size you should be able to put the DF in like a button..
The flare is 00. Since the heavy tapers I have in are literally pulling my lobes down I thought it wouldn't be an issue. I was wrong. ;o) So I guess I should just wait a bit more with the heavy ones then. Thanks! :o)
yeah, you could also try taping up a little bit, might help too :)
vaseline. i had a similar problem when moving up to 3/4" from 9/16". it also helps if you try when you get out of the shower. but don't force too hard. it's also easier to tear at that point.