a girl you knew and the bonds that we grew (1scarletbegonia) wrote in auralobsession,
a girl you knew and the bonds that we grew

Probing the issue

So you wanna hear something funny? And by funny I mean somewhat horrendous.

So for the past two years I've been stretching my ears. My front holes are now at 1/2" and I can wear up to 10 in my second holes but usually opt for 14 ga captives. I've put a lot of time, thought, and discipline into my stretching and just about a month ago arrived at my desired final size. My parents realized what I was doing somewhere around 4ga and while they made fun of them and said they were disgusting they never forcibly tried to make me remove them. Everything seems fine, right? sure, until the time comes that my father has gotten frustrated with me always having his truck and is actually considering buying me a car of my own. A lovely ford probe. So we drive over to go look at one that we end up not buying, and on the drive back we're discussing other possibilities and he says that he'll pay up to around 3,000 but he's not going to buy me a car while I have "those things" in my ears. And then is immovable on that. Unless I take out my plugs he will not buy me a car, despite the fact that I promised to not wear tunnels around him and not to do anything else until they're done paying for college (I'm a high school senior). Despite the fact that my parents know that I'm not doing it to be rebellious, despite the fact that if I either wear my hair down or wear solid plugs it's extremely hard to tell that I have stretched ears (So there goes the "it kills your future" arguement.). Add to that the fact that this is thge best time of my life to do this because I DONT have to worry about job interviews (I have opportunities lined up and my parents dont want me working during the school year anyway) and the like.

So after much thought I decided that I was not going to compromise such a personal decision I made about my own body for something material. Im perfectly happy driving the truck (hey i love being the girl in the ford pick-up) and I'm finally happy with myself. I decided that a 2750$ car isn't worth the loss of something that means that much to me.

But I'm still a little sad, and so I decided to ask you guys for similar stories to make me realize that I'm not alone :-D.

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