(itchrinse) wrote in auralobsession,


'lo. I just got my inner conch pierced today....

Then I realized it's not the placement I wanted, so I'm going to take it out (or get my dad to take it out - it was pierced with a CBR). I believe it's a 14g.
Do any of you have any tips for how to get the hole to heal successfully? how often should i clean it (and what with.. Q-tips & water & salt-water soaks?)

Also I'm healing some shitty placements of my lobes as well (today was not a good day for me). Those are obviously a lot easier, but if you have any tips on that I'd appreciate it... (for instance, i don't believe i ought to clean it/them with rubbing alcohol (i have 3 done today and 4 that are a year & 5 years old).. clarification please?)

Thank you!!
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