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Sale Sale Sale. Cheap Cheap Cheap.

none of my items are poor/cheap quality


1. 2g black acrylic tusks pair
2. 4g segmented(no beads needed)hoops. pop piece on and off is very easy. pair
3. 4g SS tusks pair
4. 6g SS cbr's pair(industrial strength)
5. 8g SS cbr's pair(industrial strength)


6. 0g Single flared (industrial strength) SS tunnels pair
7. 2g IS SS flesh spools pair
8. 2g IS SS flesh spools with changable front. black with red nautical star and/or black with big white star
9. 2g acrylic(no o ring groove) plugs pair
10. 2g (glass i think?) single flared plugs with pink star in front


11. 4g dark blue/navy acrylic plugs with o ring groove(if i have em ill give u extra free o rings)
12.4g acrylic light pink/rose quarts plugs no o ring groove (if i have em ill give u extra free o rings)
13. 4g white/clear KAOS silicone plugs pair
14 sold already
15. 2g black KAOS silicone plugs pair


16 1/2 inch clearish pink acrylic plugs with no o ring groove pair
17 0g neon green notched talons(1 has the tipped broken off and its not sharp for ears) pair

items not shows

16. 7/16 SLIGHT double flare if any clear acrylic BUG PLUG!! my fav pair ever but i lost 1 so its useless to me.
17. 4g black KAOS silicone plugs pair
18. 2g glass no flare tunnel SINGLE
19 2g IS SS single flare tunnel SINGLE
20. 2g acrylic red plug SINGLE
21. 2g GLASS wear studio single flarred red color fronts plugs. pair
22. 6g hot pink acrylic plug SINGLE
23. 2 pairs of 6g acrylic plugs yellow with white swirl
24. 8g clear acrylic plugs pair
25. 4g clear acrylic plugs pair


allll 7/16 plugs with free extra o rings
red and blue pair is sold.

i have 98% pos feedback on ebay
shipping is $1.50
i accept pay pal, well hidden cash, checks(MUST wait till it clears then send) and money orders.
any questions just ask.
no set on price. more u buy cheaper i will go.
offer what u think its worth.
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