Rachael Smith (dewaltgirl) wrote in auralobsession,
Rachael Smith

last friday, got a 2g punch in my lower conch. they punched it a bit smaller and then stretched it, to keep it from bleeding. and we put a single flaired eyelet in it for now, to make healing easier, but in a couple months i'm going to have it switched out to a big ass barbell.

(i put a nail through the hole for reference)

(you can see that it is a little bloody, but i tried to get it as cleaned up as possible... it was alot easier to clean up the back of it then it was the frong, sorry... it's very tender. ha)

i went in expecting the worse. i thought it was going to be horribly hainful and that it was going to bleed everywhere (i made the mistake of looking at BME and every other picture was covered with blood.) my piercer promised me i wouldn't bleed that much and sure enough i didn't. he was saying that when done correctly, they shouldn't really bleed that much at all. and i totally believe him. but yeah, i hardly bled at all. and it only hurt for a second and it's healing beautifully. before this there were several piercings that i wanted to do, but i was kind of scared of... now i have no fear what so ever. hell, i don't think i even really fear suspention anymore... i really think i could do it.

just a little bit of info that i didn't know before. but ear punching or anything using dermal punches and scaples by piercers is illegal. because they're medical devices and piercers don't have medical licenses. piercers can lose their shop for getting caught using them or even having them in the shop. the only reason my piercer did it for me, is because he knows me extremely well. that's kind of the way they do it. if they know and trust you, they'll do it but if you're just some random person, they won't.
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