Tam (luckystaro4) wrote in auralobsession,

i got my tragus pierced a week ago. it's really swollen.. but nothing is oozing out of it. is it infected?
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Have you done anything that could've irritated it? Such as sleeping on that side or talking on the phone with that ear? If so, it's probably sore because of that. As you most likely know, thicker cartilage piercings take quite a while to heal.

If you're concerned, consult your piercer. :]
he told me it was supposed to be this swollen he didn't say anything about it being infected but he told me to up my cleanings and my sea salt soakings and that if it wasnt better by monday to come see him and we would try something else and the swelling has gotten worse since then
i think you pretty much just solved your own problem.

doesn't sound infected to me.
I have a similar situation too but my swelling isn't that much, it's more likely sore but it's not oozing anything. I hurt it when i was taking off my shirt and also when my stylist was doing my hair she hurt it. I got mine done almost 3 weeks ago.
Do your sea soaks twice a day and if it doesn't work go and see your piercer like mentioned above.
Post pics of yours. I hope you get your problem resolved!